About Us

The Boats and Canals Forum is not the biggest, 'the best', well that is a personal opinion but we do pride ourselves on being an informative and friendly fun forum for all boating and waterway lovers.

We will welcome you into 'our community' whether you are a boat owner or not.

Everyone is welcome so why not pay us a visit to see for yourself:

Some comments from our members:

"I think this is a super forum, with sensible people, always willing to help and advise."

"If someone asks a question it is answered sensibly without recourse to personal comments and off topic asides as in the case with another forum I regularly subscribe to."

"Other forums seem clicky, or sarcastic with members who believe they are superior to others."

"I for one owe much to him for my early learning days when he was always ready to help with advice to me as a novice."

"It's a 'nice' forum with no stupid comments, there's not piles of rubbish put on by people who have nothing better to do."

"It's friendly and I like it."